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120 ml Paper cup


A 120 ml paper cup is a disposable cup made from paper material with a capacity of 120 ml. It is commonly used for serving hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea, soda, and juice. These cups are lightweight, easy to handle, and can be disposed of after use, making them convenient for events, parties, and outdoor activities. They can also be used for sampling products or for small servings of desserts.

  • Eco-friendly
  • convenient
  • safety for health
  • affordable
  • biodegradable

Making a 120 ml paper cup at home can be challenging, as it requires specialized equipment and materials. It's best to purchase pre-made paper cups from a store or supplier. However, if you are interested in the process, here are the general steps involved in making a paper cup:


  • Paperboard or coated paper
  • Cup forming machine
  • Printing machine (optional)
  • Ink (if using printing machine)
  • Glue or adhesive

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